DermaQuest Sensitized Retinaldehyde Brightening Renewal Cream 1 oz
DermaQuest Sensitized Retinaldehyde Brightening Renewal Cream 1 oz

DermaQuest Sensitized Retinaldehyde Brightening Renewal Cream 1 oz


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Brand: DermaQuest


  • EXFOLIATES AND REFINES: This renewal cream from DermaQuest is ideal for gently exfoliating sensitive skin. It carefully lifts debris that can sit on the surface of the face such as dirt, oil and dead skin cells which when left can cause acne and acne lesions. It refines the texture of the skin and helps you to get a softer and silkier complexion.
  • SOOTHES IRRITATION AND INFLAMMATION: The powerful Green Tea Extracts help to soothe the skin on the face by delivering a boost of natural freshness. The botanical extracts work in harmony with the other performance ingredients to gently combat irritation and ensure that your sensitive skin is nurtured back to its former glory. It also helps to balance out the production of melanin while soothing and calming irritated or puffy skin.
  • POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: The 0.05% retinaldehyde content is a clinically proven ingredient that works to repair connective tissues on the face, it also boosts the production of collagen, and is classified as a stabilized form of Vitamin that transforms into Retinoic Acid. Alongside the Sytenol A and Sepicalm, you get the same effects as Retinol without any irritation. The ultra-effective botanical extracts which are infused into this cream include Lavender Oil, Olive Extract, and Aloe Juice.
  • GENTLE YET HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: With sensitive skin, finding the right balance of effective yet gentle skincare products are essential. The Sensitized range of products has been developed with this in mind. This cream is gentle and kind to your skin, blended with an array of botanical extracts that boost the health of your skin. It also contains effective alternatives to ingredients such as Retinol which is proven to deliver the same advantages, without the risk of irritation.
  • EVENS OUT SKIN TONE: The skin is brightened after regular use of this renewal cream, leaving it looking more illuminated and radiant than before. This rejuvenating cream also work effectively to remove debris from the surface of the face, as well as helping to remove redness and puffiness. This results in a more evened out skin tone and a brighter, lighter complexion.

Publisher: DermaQuest, Inc.

Details: Hailed as the gentle alternative to using Retinol, this delicate renewal cream is perfect for sensitive skin and will refine, brighten, and exfoliate your skin, without any irritation. Use daily for visible results and get a radiant glow with this brightening and rejuvenating cream. This super-effective alternative to the renowned ingredient, Retinol helps to bring balance and even tone back to your face while delivering a calming and soothing sensation at the same time. Especially effective for irritated or sensitive skin, the blend of powerful performance ingredients combined with botanical extracts work to remove inflammation and reduce pigmentation on the face. This illuminating cream soothes and brightens your face while helping to give you softer skin, that is firmer and more elastic than before. Apply this treatment cream to the face and let it work throughout the night while you sleep. It will gently exfoliate the skin, refining the texture of the face, while also working to help bring balance back to your skin tone and lessening the appearance of dark circles or pigmentation. The carefully selected blend of ingredients includes 0.05% retinaldehyde, Sytenol A, Sepicalm, along with Green Tea Extract, Lavender Oil, Olive Extract, and Aloe Juice, all work in harmony to treat and illuminate sensitive skin. Gentle exfoliation occurs, helping to give you a facial-like experience which helps the skin to feel fresher, cleaner, and hydrated. Allow your skin to feel a sense of relief and calm with this brightening and exfoliating complex. Sooth inflammation and free your face from irritation with this balancing renewal cream. DERMAQUEST is the epitome of natural skincare products and has a rich heritage in delivering products that are suited to those with sensitive or dry skin; or who suffer from acne and other skin conditions.

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